Wednesday, 7 October 2015

10 minutes with Unity remote

Do you think waiting 2-5 minutes to get your build on a real device is too much? 
Unity remote is for you and setting up is child's play.

Unity remote ferries video and input between your dev box and an iPhone or Android. The game processes and renders on your dev machine but you can preview (and interact with) the result on-device.

While testing reported frames rate dipped from 50 to 25fps. Somewhat unresponsive, therefore less than ideal for testing action gameplay (tested on iPhone 5 and a 2010 Macbook Air).

Additionally, while you might expect your game to behave the same as it would on device, inputs are actually enabled from all devices (editor and your handheld), this may be error prone.
  • Avoid code relying on a keyboard or mouse NOT being present.
  • Avoid querying device type. While using the remote, device type, name and model (as reported by SystemInfo) reflects your dev machine, not the target device.
  • Input.touchPresent returns false while using the remote.

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