Sunday, 10 January 2016

A C# geometry library

Recently I started work on a C# library with a neat Unity 3D integration allowing to interactively build and visualise geometric primitives (the core library doesn't require Unity).

I've been prioritising features which are less commonly available, and will help developers create innovative content.

  • Intersections
  • Containment tests
  • Mesh slicing
  • Ngons
    I much prefer the classic wording 'Polygons' :)

Other stuff I'm interested in implementing (or migrating to this library) includes:

  • Implicit surfaces (e.g. using the marching cubes), 
  • Efficient voxel maps using BSPs 
  • CSG

Since I started working on my first 3D tool some years ago (~1995!), geometry has often been a hindrance - often proving to be too much of a time-sink. I hope that sharing this work will benefit other developers.

You can find my draft library and demo project on Bitbucket.

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