This page is a collection of links with an emphasis on programming related work.
Visit my LinkedIn profile for a complete resume and work history.


Unity 3D and related: Character controllers, Game AIs, UGUI, Physics, Editors, Networking, Photon, IMVU, GameSparks, Heroic Labs, City Builder.

iOS & Mac: Objective-C, OpenGL-ES.

VCS: Subversion, Git, Mercurial

Languages: C#, Objective-C, Java, C, C++, JavaScript
(this is the list of the languages I used in a production context)

This is a short summary, please view my LinkedIn profile for a complete list.


Corporate/Startup/SMB: BonsaiAI, NextNow, ECitySky, OpenBet, Yumchi

Independent: Saveman Games, Binary Monster Corp and others : )

Published Games (personal projects)

Demos & Videos

Unity Demos / Short games:

View my YouTube channel for videos demonstrating a variety of techniques such as multiplayer networking, Bezier curves, Game AIs and even a computer generated walk cycle.

Open source

Also a regular Caffe contributor (C++)


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